DON’T SHOOT, JUST RUNNING I am a runner. I am a black man. I live in a predominantly white area. I like to run when it is cool, and when the roads are… peaceful. This means I am running either at night or in the morning. Obviously these are times of low visibility. For well documented and understandable reasons my family worries about my safety during my runs, and so do I. For that reason, this shirt exists. If you feel the same way about you or your loved one, this would be a great shirt for any runner of color. THE LINK IS IN THE BIO! WE NEED 50 PURCHASED TO GO INTO PRODUCTION! #running #runners #runnersofcolor #nightrunning #earlymorningrun #blackmenrun #blackwomenrun #blackrunners #latinorunners #pocrunners #marathontraining #DONTSHOOT #JUSTRUNNING


"As a young woman, Ama Ata Aidoo the freedom fighter vowed never to write love stories. Let’s delight in the fact that over the years she has changed her mind about the value of writing about love, as her rich edited collection of highly original and diverse ‘African Love Stories’ demonstrates. She has traveled her path and had the courage to grow and change while retaining her deep commitment to Pan- Africanism. Love flourishes, after all is said and done."

- Amina Mama, Nigerian feminist, in her speech to the African Union, May 2013 (via africanfeministsrock)

I love that book, African Love Stories

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Model Emily Njoki for KOOROO


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